Anchoring system Supermin

Two-component material Supermin on organic-mineral basis includes several types, differing from each other in the curing time of the resin.

Basic types, according to the curing time, are 2 min., 15 min. and 30min.

Application can be made by simple pouring of the material after previous mixing, using a pump or using a standard caulk gun, when applying from a cartridge.

Anchoring system Supermin can be used also under water level, the system does not react with water (no foaming occurs).  The density of the resin is higher than of water and therefore it sediments on the bottom.

Basic parameters of the cured resin:

  Compressive strength [MPa] Tensile/bending strength [MPa] Adhesion to concrete [MPa] Elasticity modulus [MPa] Volume weight [kg/m3]
after 1 day 20-30 9,5 3,4 1000 1400
after 7 days 30-60        

Packing in: plastic canisters 5, 10, 20 l and steel drums 200 l.

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