Anchoring and grouting systems in cartridges


We perform filling of two-component cartridges with our anchoring and grouting materials.

Volume of the cartridges:

  • 1:1 - 250 ml
  • 1:2 - 180 ml

We fill:

  • anchoring materials with various curing times 2 min or 30 min - convenient for anchoring in concrete (poles, threaded rods and etc.)
  • grouting materials foaming and non-foaming with reaction time approx. 2-3 min. (start of foaming) - convenient for sealing of fissures, cracks in constructions and etc.

Thanks to unique construction of the cartridge (one tube) it is possible to apply the material using a standard simple caulk gun. Mixing of the two components is achieved by using a disposable static mixer.

GME specialists in grouting