Sprayed coating system Polyurea GME

Coating system Polyurea GME is a two-component seamless polymer system convenient  as waterproofing or surface protection of various constructional elements.  The system is characteristic by its fast curing (in the range of seconds) and very good adhesion and mechanical parameters (adhesion to surface, tensile strength, elongation). Application is done using special high-pressure equipment with pre-heating of both A and B components.

Mixing ratio of the components is 1:1

The system is certified by Certification Authority ITC, a.s. Zlín under number 13 0681 V/AO.

Selected technical parameters of the system, determined within the certification process, are presented in table below.



Tensile strength

24,2 MPa



Water uptake 24 hours


Waterproofing on concrete

0 kg/m2




3,70 MPa


3,95 MPa

Sanitary properties according to Reg. 409/2005 Sb. and 252/2004 Coll.

harmless at ratio 1:5 (i.e. 100 cm2 of polyurea GME surface : 500cm3 volume of drinking water)


The material does not mechanically degrade due to UV rays. However changes in the color occur.

Packing in: steel drums (200 l) or plastic canisters (20 l).

GME specialists in grouting