Stabilization of foundations of CNC machining cutter - Vítkovické slévárny

Due to unstable subsoil and movement of the foundations while moving of the machining unit, it was necessary to stabilize the whole foundations. The unit was unable of production due to the occurring movements. Very precise machining is made by the cutter unit, requiring maximal possible inclination of the foundation only 0,01 mm/m.

We proposed the method of stabilization by undergrouting of the existing foundation and micropiling with R32 grouted micropiles grouted with polyurethane grouting resin GEOPUR.

In total 39pc of micropiles of 7m length were installed, and 12 pc of grouting tubes for undergrouting of the foundation were installed.

The requirement for the maximal inclination 0,01 mm/m has been reached and the unit was put back into operation.


GME specialists in grouting