Metro Budapest - sealing and reinforcing grouting works

The concrete base of metro rails was repaired using a new technology based on anchoring, sealing and strengthening by Geopur grouting technology.

Works were undertaken within the years 2004-2006, during major repair of the metro line 2 in Budapest. In total 295 m3 of concrete was sealed and reinforced, in the length of 850m of the tunnel.

Anchoring of cracked concrete - in total 2 842 pc of anchors were installed, length of the anchor 400 mm, diameter 18 mm, diameter of the drilling 25 mm, Supermin material was used for the anchoring.

Sealing and reinforcing grouting - in total 2 430 drillings were made, diameter of the drillings 14 mm, length 1 m, length of the steel anchors up to 600 mm, diameter of the anchors 8 mm, packers diameter 13 mm,  Geopur 082/1000 grouting resin was used.

Furthermore, 50 pc of sleepers were anchored using Geopur 082/1000 grouting material.

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