Stabilization and sealing of a flood dam at Danube - Nove Selo, Serbia

Water tunnel Nove Selo (length 157m) runs through flood dam of the river Danube. It transfers water from the Danube to irrigation system of Vojvodina channels.

During the floods in the spring of 2006, when the water level in Danube reached historical maximum, rapid worsening of the technical state of the dam occurred above the concrete tunnel. The concrete construction of the tunnel and the access shaft dropped by 15-20 cm, and the above soil dropped by almost 0,5-0,7m. The body of the dam was intensely damaged (openings of 10-20 cm occurred at the surface). This resulted in a public threat state, when there was a potential for bursting of the dam and subsequent flooding of the Vojvodina province.

Based on a survey the following defects were identified:

  • water was passing along the tunnel construction
  • water was flowing into the tunnel construction
  • sand deposited in the tunnel
  • individual concrete sections of the tunnel were moved by up to 15 cm
  • many water inflows occurred through the cracks and dilatations of the construction
  • the bottom of the tunnel was damaged by an opening of 60 cm in diameter  

We made a proposal for remediation and, after approval by the Danube River Managing Authority, the following works were undertaken:

  • grouting of cracks and fissures in the concrete construction
  • filling of caverns/cavities along the tunnel
  • creation of impermeable barriers in the surrounding of the tunnel
  • sealing of water inflow in the bottom of the tunnel construction

In total 3 735 liters of grouting resin  GEOPUR 082/90 and 082/1000 were used. The works were successfully finished, state of public threat was eliminated and the construction fulfills its function up to date.

GME specialists in grouting