Anchoring of retaining walls
Anchoring of retaining wall - D11 highway, Horní Počernice

Stabilization of slope and anchoring of retaining wall - Špindlerův Mlýn

Stabilization of retaining wall - Loreta, Fulnek

Foundation of machinery
Remediation of foundations of WRD 1500 CNC machining cutter  - Vítkovické slévárny

Anchoring of foundations of ventilators of DESOx unit - Arcelor Mittal

Micropiling Avion Shopping Park Ostrava - foundation of floor on micropiles

Strenghtening of foundations - school canteen Bystřice

Polyurea spray coating
Coating of concrete retaining pit and steel tanks - DIAMO, GEAM, Dolní Rožínka

Waterproofing of park pond Skalka, Praha 5

Repair of buildings Stabilization of a chateau from 15th century - Bánhorváti, Hungary Church remediation - Hodejovec, Slovakia Church stabilization Gyöngyöshalászi, Hungary - micropiling

Sealing of water inflows
Stabilization and sealing of a flood dam at Danube - Nove Selo, Serbia

Sealing of water inflows into meto tunnel - Almaty, Kazakhstan

Metro Budapest - sealing and reinforcing grouting works
Stabilization of loose soil Stabilization of excavation for construction of sewer in Jacovce, Slovakia

GME specialists in grouting